"Kate Sanner shares energy, vision, and strategies with women business owners. I own and operate a successful business bookkeeping practice in Maryland. Numbers are my specialty, not marketing or goal targeting. When I met Kate and joined her Mastermind program, her laser focus on my current business status opened my eyes to new business building techniques. Implementing these expanded my client base and increased profits. Kate also encouraged me to 'jump into life' to identify and appreciate my other talents. I am creating a new vision of what it means to be a woman business owner. I am on the path to more growth, change, and income! Kate Sanner has mastered the tools for success, and enthusiastically shares them. She can help you too!"
Mary Ann Laing
"Kate Sanner helped me to identify and appreciate my natural abilities and taught me how to tune into what I am truly passionate about. Once discovered, she showed me how to use my natural abilities and passions to focus in on what I really wanted to do. Thanks to Kate, I am currently working on opening a women’s clothing boutique and developing ideas for a nonprofit organization to help women returning to the workforce. Working with Kate was a wonderful experience; she made it so easy for me to open up to her. It’s easy to see that she is passionate about what she does and I highly recommend her."
Kim Crawford
"Kate Sanner and Vivacity have been a major driving force in taking my business to a level I was never going to reach by myself. The structure, support and ideas provided to me have helped me to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy for my business."
Pam Armstrong, Ph.D.

Are you a woman who knows she has a message to get out into the world?

Do you know you want more for your life?

Do you long to start a business, write a book, develop a product or fulfill a lifelong ambition?

Do you strongly desire to take your current business or practice to a wider audience?

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, then I invite you to discover what Kate Sanner and Vivacity have to offer to help you realize your dreams and create the personal and professional life you desire.

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Then be sure to explore the rest of Vivacity’s site to learn about Kate’s coaching programs and information products that will:

  • Jumpstart you into action and create and sustain a mindset of accomplishment and success,
  • Actualize your vision by creating a tangible plan - a blueprint - for your ideas or existing business,
  • Maximize your plan by creating multiple ways for you to be of service to your audience; and
  • Monetize your plan by creating multiple revenue generating streams that will help sustain you financially.